SM—Barcelona Seminar in Social Metaphysics

The aim of this seminar is to contribute to foster and consolidate research lying in the interface between foundational issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of language, on one hand, and social, political, and legal philosophy as well as the philosophy of gender, sex, and sexualities on the other—thus connecting with the interests of some local philosophers in groups  Law and Philosophy and LOGOS and, more generally, the recently created BIAP—Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy.

We discuss work in progress, with pre-distributed drafts to be read in advance, without presentations by the “speakers”, with an extensive part of the slot devoted to “editorial” feedback as to how to improve the paper.

We do our best efforts to comply with the guidelines for respectful, constructive, and inclusive philosophical discussion:

The SM runs for the core months of the terms, Oct-Dec and Feb-May, on Fridays, mainly 15:00-17:00 Barcelona time [except as indicated], online.

Fall 2021

Provisional schedule, changes may occur—please access earlier editions here.

  • Oct 1: Asya Passinsky (CEU): “Social Kind Essentialism”
  • Oct 8: B.R. George (Carnegie Mellon) & R.A. Briggs (Standford):  “All The Feels:
    Against “Gender Identity”” (Special time: 17:00-19:00)
  • Oct 15: Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Barcelona): “The Construction of the Sexes”
  • Oct 22: Matthew Andler (Lafayette): “What Is Masculinity?”
  • Oct 29: Amanda Bryant (Lisboa): “Naturalism, Meta-metaphysics, and Social Ontology”
  • Nov 5: Iñigo Valero (Barcelona): “Controversies on ‘Sex’. A Significant Conceptual and Terminological Dispute”
  • Nov 12: Gillian Russell (ACU): “Social Spheres: Logic, Ranking, and Subordination” (possible special time TBC)
  • Nov 19: Brian Epstein (Tufts): “How to Define Kinds” (joint work w/ D López de Sa) postponed
  • Nov 26:  Giulio Pietroiusti (Barcelona): “Cognition, Interest and Disagreements”
  • Dec 3: Genoveva Martí (ICREA & Barcelona) & Lorena Ramírez (UPF): “Precedent in Law and the Evolution of Meaning” postponed
  • Dec 10: John Horden (Barcelona): “Pseudo-Singularity Defended”
  • Dec 17: Annina Loets (Humbodlt): “Intersectional Oppression”
Convenor: Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Barcelona)
Sponsored by: Facultat de Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona and PGC2018-094563-B-I00 (FEDER-MINECO)